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Any singing recording app?

Hey guys! I've been singing professionally for more than 15 years and I finally decided to start my TikTok profile with singing covers, etc. However, I noticed that it' still better to have your vocals pre-recorded than singing it live. I don't have any professional microphone, but I heard that you can get a pretty decent recording just using your smartphone.

HELP! Singing (rapping) techniques while recording

Hi guys, can anyone give my some tips on how i can deliver my rap correctly?

basically I'm going really wild on the mic but when it comes to listening back, it sounds dull and with no effort? Any advice / tips on delivery when recording and/or how to mix it to put life into it?

P.s I'm really new to recording/mixing my own stuff..

Heres an example of my work

Please recommend a mic for rapping/singing (hip hop/dance/rock) - under $400 used/new


I can give you about 5 examples of my vocal style/range, which pretty much summarizes it all. Building Castles's Profile - Indaba Music Most of it isn't really hip hop from these particular examples, but in my music, I do a fair amount of rapping and I sing in every song. Black Holes would be a good song to check out, as it represents both my rapping and my singing.