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spring reverb

Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume III

Hello all,

I made a third instalment to my video series about cheap spring reverb solutions. This time I talk about using an old mixing board with a built in tank. Hope you enjoy!

I hope to start a discussion on this thread. What is your cheapest piece of gear you use on your recordings? Any hidden gems (uh oh hope we don't drive up the prices of anything!!)



Spring Reverb

A spring reverb system uses a transducer at one end of a spring and a pickup at the other, similar to those used in plate reverbs, to create and capture vibrations within a metal spring. Laurens Hammond was granted a patent on a spring-based mechanical reverberation system in 1939.

Guitar amplifiers frequently incorporate spring reverbs due to their compact construction and low cost. Spring reverberators were once widely used in semi-professional recording due to their modest cost and small size.

Analog Spring reverb decision

Hello everyone,

So I know there's a few posts out there on this topic already so you'd think I could make my mind up but I'm actually torn! I don't have access to play any of the options I'm considering, so I'm reaching out for help.

I'm looking at the following spring reverbs

Carl Martin - headroom
Demeter - Reverberator
VanAMps - Sole-mate
Mahaffay - Little Lanilei

A good spring reverb?

Well even if I love my DAW and all the plugins.. I want to get a good spring reverb for my home/project studio.
Do you have any favourites that you can recommend?
The AKG ones are too expensive right now for me.
I'm looking for a more budget thing...
Has anyone tried a Biamp reverb?
Or maybe something else.
I'd be very glad if you could help me with this.

Spring Reverbs?

The review of the Demeter box in the new Mix got me thinking I'd like to try out a spring reverb for certain things, but don't necessarily want to drop 5-600 bucks on a unit...What are some other spring 'verbs of the past that are worth having a look at?

I remember the Furman sounded pretty good, but it's been years since I've heard one...any good?

Lemeesee...other brands...Sound Workshop, Biamp, and I saw a Fairchild go for a reasonable price on ebay recently...

Any feedback greatly appreciated...



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