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Hi guys,
I need to record piano recitals with 3 or 4 Audio Techinca mics. I use MOTU 896HD with Macbook Pro and Logic Pro, but it isn't really a "portable" solution. So I wonder if Tascam DR680 or ROLAND R44 could be a good solution. In your opinion MOTU's preamps (and generally the recording quality) are better then DR680 and R44, or not? Quality is similar or not?
Thanks for your answers.


Tom Fodor Tue, 07/05/2011 - 01:06

So far all of the gear you have mentioned would fall under the category of pro-sumer equipment (not the best quality at all). Try Apogee ensemnble with a nice multichannel Pre. Or some of the portico gear is quite good and is half rack so it's compact. A lunchbox with some nice pre's and good quality converters could be the go too.


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