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Are amp sims a compromise in tone anymore?

This company TH-U, which i discovered a couple years ago has really impressed with with their stuff. I love tube amps, especially standing in front of them rocking out! My back, bank account, and neighbors, don't like the tube amps as much. Lol.

Ive been using amp sims for over a decade, the sheer variety of tone and convenience has made them great but they have always felt compromised in tone relative to the real amps i had. More so when actually in front of the amp, since mics, converters, and studio monitors leveled things out more, but still the amp felt like "my tone".

New courses at Tone Artist - anyone checked out?

I've recently been referred this Home Recording Pro Tools course site by a friend of mine...

The videos look pretty amazing, and the music sounds great to me.

I'm pretty excited by it because haven't seen anything quite like it before.

Signups are next week and it looks well priced, given it says it covers tracking and mixing bands with a bit of mastering too.

Just Started, Guitar Tone with no amp

Hi all,

I've just got myself a mac, some studio monitors and an Apogee Duet 2. I'm just getting started and so many, many things currently confuse the hell out of me (hopefully all will be clear with time though!).

Anyways, I plan to record some demos for my band using this set up. We're a kind of progressive Thrash metal band. Guitars will be plugged straight in and distortion etc added using the VST's available in logic. I know this isn't optimal but I'm hoping it will be fit for demoing purposes.



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