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Real Guitars? Or can we just go the VSTi route?

All my music of the last ten years falls into chillout, or classical really. Rarely voices, apart from the show tracks and stuff like that - but the stuff I put out there is slowish mainly, and orchestral or synthetic in nature. My guitars get used live with the band, but my own recordings are pretty old-fashioned. I'm happy with this.

Pro Tools won't load because AIR VST failure

Hi, I'm glad someone here might be able to help me. I just bought Pro Tools. It won't let me start the application until I activate my AIR plugin. I tried activating it and the activation number is already used it max number of times. I don't even want the plugin anymore. So, I already tried deactivating the plugin in my iLok manager and it won't let me deactivate it.
Can someone direct me so I can remove it from my computer?
This would be great guys!

Keep Jamming :)

Using sidechain to get a rhythmic effect in VST plugins

I'd like to experiment with the kind of rhythmic control over an instrument's signal level synced to a track as Johnny Marr did with his guitar on 'How Soon Is Now' in which a drum machine is inserted into a compressor's sidechain (see this YouTube demo).

Multiple VST distributed

Hi, people! Glad to be in this "neighborhood".
A question: is it possible to link several computers running each one their own VST library and command them by one other computer using Pro Tools?
I mean, I thinking to distribute the software in differente resources (Mac's or PC's) to improve results in terms of time and stability.
May be it possible? Thanks!