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wav to mp3

Best WAV to MP3 conversion algorithm

My wife has a small business selling spoken word recordings.
I'm her tech guy, photographer, and financier.

She does her recording in Pro Tools and we sell mp3 files.
I've been using iTunes to convert .WAV to .mp3 but I want to have more control over the quality and size of the mp3 file.
I've just downloaded an opensource conversion program that utilizes a number of algorithms for the conversion.

I'm looking for recommendations/advice on which algorithm to use

How do I turn wav file (from Zoom) into MP3 file in iTunes?

I hope this is the right place to post this!

I'm quite the newbie and just figured out how to transfer files from my new Zoom H4n onto my laptop. The original wav file is saved in my computer but when I put a copy into iTunes, I thought it would automatically transform it into an MP3 file - but not so. How can I turn it into a MP3 file so that it will take up less space and can be emailed more quickly (and opened up on the receiving end more quickly)?

Thanks very much!

act to mp3/wav files

hii guysss...
i have recorded somth on my mp4.
the files are act files and i need to concert them so i can listen to them on my comp.

i have tried the act2wav and konverter programs, but nothing works.
Please help me.

p.s is it possible to upload the file and for someone to help me?

mp3 to wav to CD - and no music


I just took a bunch of mp3 files, passed them through a freeware mp3-to-wav converter and burned them to CD, hoping to be able to play them on a CD player.

I used a Maxell CD-R music 80min/700mb. The default setting for transfer rate was "maximum" and that's how I left it.

The transfer to wav went fine, I was able to play the files off of my computer (G4 iMac), but when I popped the CD into the player it had only one track. Pressing play would get the counter going I cannot hear anything.

Am I doing something wrong ?




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