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NS10T's please help ASAP

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What color should the drivers of an yamaha NS10t be, grey or white. Thanks Ryan


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Member Sat, 02/10/2007 - 09:29
AudioDrumSamples wrote: Not sure an NS10t exists.

A NS10M monitor has a white cone. That model was discontinued a couple of years ago. It the famous model that you see in many studios.
There is a smaller replacement model which is active and called HS50M. it also has a white cone.

I did a search for that last night but found surprisingly little info on a "t" model, other than used sale of old "NS10t" models which were going for around $10 on the used market.

The fact that I could find so few search results on it either means (a) they are really, really old (hence selling for $10 a piece) or (b) were simply mislabeled "t" instead of the actual model, whatever it is.

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Member Sat, 02/10/2007 - 12:35

Well I know they exist, from what I've researched they are the home audio version of the lovalbe NS10m. I'm just trying to determine if the ones I might purchase have the original drivers. A good friend of mine says he's seen some in the A room at sound stage in nashville and they had white subs. He also thought that all original NS series monitors also had white subs. However I;ve found thats not true because NS35t's have apparently have grey subs. I'm just confused at this point, very little info and what info I am getting is conflicting. All this for crappy sounding speakers hehe.