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yamaha dm2000 vs macie d8b mixers?

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Want a new mixer anyone have experience with either of these?


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AudioGaff Tue, 02/20/2007 - 21:33
Yamaha has a long history of making professional audio products such as digital mixers. Mackie - well, let's just say they have good intentions and good ideas but it takes more than that to make a reliable pro product. Use google and search for each and you will likely find more that you ever hoe for as far as opinions.

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Cucco Wed, 02/21/2007 - 08:23
AudioGaff wrote: you will likely find more that you ever hoe for as far as opinions.

I don't know about you Gaff...but I NEVER Hoe for opinions...I've slutted for opinions but never hoed.

BTW - I second AG's thoughts.

However...the Onyx line is inspiring. If only they'd come up with a nice, automated digital console based on the Onyx line.

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Alécio Costa -… Wed, 02/21/2007 - 12:51
If you had asked about the Yamaha 02RV2 and the Mackie d8B, I would say the d8b has few more tools like autotune, better EQ options and so.

I used the Yamaha 02R v2 for 8 years and now I´ve got the 02R96V2 and the 01V96.

Pretty good boxes, in terms of sound the new models are a giant leap from their previous generations which were the 01V, 02D and the 02R/02R V2.

The DM2000 is an even fancier mixer, with more channels, buses and the mic pres are said to be a bit cleaner.

If you have a tight budget, go with the 01V96. It is an unbeatable box.

If you have cash, decide between the DM2000 and the 02R96V2.