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Does Pro Tools automatically dither when bouncing to disk?

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One of my clients approached me and asked if I could 'master' his recording. I told hI'm that I put MaxI'm and get the overall level up to -.5dB, but I wouldn't do any more than that, and that he'd have to get someone else if he thought it nessissary.

He then asked if I used dither when I bounced the session to 16-bit, 44.1K Stereo (CD) file in Pro Tools, as someone told hI'm it was nessissary (probably the same one who asked hI'm about mastering).

As far as I understood it, Pro Tools doesn't need dither, as it takes the file and then converts it, not recording it as it plays.
...or am I wrong, and do I need to turn on Maxim's dither button before I bounce down the files in Pro Tools?


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Boswell Mon, 03/26/2007 - 11:05
It doesn't matter whether you are using ProTools or some other package for creating your master, you need to dither to the 16-bit level on the final reduction for the 44.1KHz CD. Don't dither at any other time such as importing/exporting between different packages or plug-ins.