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M-Audio: Fast Track Ultra 8R - Dubious IRQs and USB (Laptop)

I got my hands on the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R about six weeks ago and have yet to record a satisfying chunk of noise.

My problem is a syncopated periodic noise blip about every 40 seconds when recording with a mic and with a guitar. I've spent hours corresponding with the M-Audio tech support and after three weeks, the guy told me to contact my computer manufacturer. He and I went through IRQ port sharing and disabling other devices shared with my USB. I disabled my onboard soundcard. I changed buffer size and other driver settings back and forth. I ran through all the troubleshooting guides and modified for best system performance. I even traded in the interface for a new one--same problem.

My guess is that there is a compatibility issue happening between my computer, a laptop, and the interface. I installed the speedswitchxp speedstep modification tool because I thought that the power issue had to be the problem. This had an effect but the effect was more frequent periodic blipping no matter what power settings I selected. My Fasttrack is sharing USB with a number of other devices but the devices are things like my harddrive and other USB tools that are very necessary for me to have enabled. Plus, my wireless card shares the IRQ of my USB ports--IRQ 10. I tried disabling it but it didn't remedy the problem. The techy suggested I contact the computer manufacturer in order to understand how I can modify the IRQ settings, but my support ended years ago.

Everything seems to be in order since I can record and the playback is fine. I have ASIO enabled and I use Ableton for recording but I have the problem in ACID as well as other programs.

I have a Dell Laptop - Inspiron 700m running XP with service pack 3. It runs a 1.8 Intel Centrino Processor that runs at about 1.79 always which tells me its not an issue with system resources.

Can someone please help? I'm afraid my hair's guna fall out :P


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jordy Sun, 09/28/2008 - 16:44

hey hey!
i was actually seriously considering upgrading to these new Ultras. right now i'm just using the Original Fast Track.

this may be kinda dumb, but you don't possibly have any expired plugin demos sidechained to your recording????
cause i know that that often can cause a blip like every 30-40 seconds if your demo's up.

i'd assume you're recording dry though?

just making sure ya didn't overlook anything as simple as that.