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Any interfaces for Spider / DAW?

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Hey all you pro audio people,

I've got a Crane Song Spider on the way and I've been going crazy trying to find a digital interface for my Windows PC. Something along the lines of the MOTU 308, only in 24/96 instead. I need 8 channels of AES/EBU in and out. Kind of a weak area in the market right now, no? Anybody else using the Spider that has any suggestions or ideas? Should I be posting this in the DAW forum? :w:


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Member Sun, 06/30/2002 - 07:51
I've been using a Spider at 48k with MOTU 2408 and Mac plus a Tascam DM-24 for monitoring. I don't see much in the way of what you need out there in the marketplace. Why the jump to 96k is beyond me. These converters are the best and all that extra disk space is a point of diminishing returns. However I can understand you wanting all that upper stratospheric info. (because it's there and I must have it) Good Luck with the hunt.

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Mercuri Sun, 06/30/2002 - 16:44
Actually, the audible difference between 48k and 96k is fairly obvious to me, when you interface the correct equipment... Maybe 99% of the music-listening-population can't hear it, but I'm fighting for that 1% of us than cringe when we hear someone call Fido with their dog whistle.

I've actually found a really cheap unit by Hoontech that inputs 10 channels of AES, S/PDIF, and TOSLink, for about $500. Not bad!! And I get the 96kHz, so I'm happy.

If this info helps anyone else searching for the answer to my exact same problem, cool. Ciao!

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sdevino Sun, 06/30/2002 - 17:40
The only way there can even BE a difference between 44.1 and 96kHz is if the 44.1 has a poorly designed analog front end. In the case of your cranesong this will most cetainly not be the case.

The sampling physics of 44.1 and 96k produce identical spectrums and digital performance below 22 kHz. Any sonic difference is again due to poorly designed analog.

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Mercuri Tue, 07/02/2002 - 18:28
Actually, I'm not really planning to sell it anymore... Things have changed DRASTICALLY in the past 24 hours...

If you want the full story, check out:

Apparently, the guy who sold it to me was telling me that it was the best piece of gear out there, but I wasn't happy until SOMETHING triggered my now undying love for the Spider.

Thanks for reminding me... I forgot to actually remove the unit from the ad forum.

Basically, if Dave Hill said it was perfect and I wasn't getting perfect, I figured, hell, I must be doing something wrong. So I wanted to take another route.