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Mixing acoustic guitar & bass

Check out our website at and let us know the best way to level out the two songs (mp3s). Our levels are completely messed up and we need help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. e-mail to


sdevino Fri, 09/13/2002 - 12:37
You have 2 major problems:
1. the acousticc guitar has too much lower mid frequencies. Try using a high pass filter and cutting somewhere around 125 - 150 Hz (you need to keep the acoustic from conflicting with the Bass).

2. You have some kind of compressor/limiter that is pumping like crazy. Slow down the attack , and try less overall reduction. Everytime you hit a down beat you can hear the comressor ducking the level.

I would suggest you take your raw tracks and go ask someone at a recording studio to mix them for you. You vocals sound great, the songs are good too, don't waist that because you can't scare up some scratch to get things mixed well.

Michael Fossenkemper Fri, 09/13/2002 - 13:21
You need to back way off the stereo compressor and the reverbs you are using are huge and bright so this is washing everything out. to get a nicer acoustic gtr sound, you might want to consider micing instead of using the direct out. this will give you a little more body to the sound. Also try panning a few things around to make a little more space. You have a big sound stage to work with so use it to spread some things out and give yourself a little more room to work in. But mostly think tighter/darker reverb and when the band kicks in, if anything gets lower in volume, you are compressing too much.