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I am thinking of buying an FMR RNP and was wondering how you would direct monitor with it.(I have a 49 ms latency issue)I noticed that the new Focusrite has "Real Time,latency free,stereo monitoring".Can this be done with any mic preamp? Thanks in advance-I know I'll get the most pro answer here! Peace, Barefoot


anonymous Fri, 03/21/2003 - 01:30

I'll try to help.
The RNP has a 1/4" balanced out and a TRS insert out on each channel.
The only way to get truly "latency free monitoring" is to be able to monitor your front end (mic pre or mixer) before it goes through your computer.
Some people use a mixer as a headphone / monitor system routing a mult / split from their out board pres both to their A/D converters going into the computer and also into the mixer which is used for monitoring.
A second source for a monitor mix may actually be your audio interface. Many audio front ends (like my Delta 1010) have an internal digital monitor mixer that will route the incoming signalsto the output jacks and give you control over the "monitor mix" without effecting what is being recorded.
My guess is that any preamp that touts latency free monitoring is simply offering a second set of outputs that can be routed to a monitoring system. :w:


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