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Am I deaf or? This was excellent demonstration imho. I can’t believe how similar the Fractal Axe Effect rack unit, sounds to the amp sI'm plugs. I grabbed the TH3 amp sI'm based on this demo, and it’s $50 special sale price. This is the second plugin I have from overloud, a company I discovered via a free api eq they were giving away. Truthfully all the amp sI'm plugs in the demo sound very good. It’s amazing. This is the first point in time I’ve felt there is no significant sonic compromise between the dedicated rack unit, and the plugins. When you weigh in the price factor, I can no longer justify the expense of the fractal for recording uses. Check it out.

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DonnyThompson Thu, 06/07/2018 - 13:11

If it’s getting you tones you like, pal, and that you find it’s contributing in a positive way to what you are doing, then that’s all that matters.
These things are often so subjective, what sounds “meh” to one person might sound great to another; and, it’s all about the context in which you’re using it that determines a good bit of that.
I picked up the Overloud EQ that was described as being an API style; and while I don’t think it really has the same sonic vibe of any real API gear I’ve heard, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sound good in its own, or that it can’t be useful.
If you like the amp sim, if to your ears it sounds as good as any rack mount unit you’ve tried, (or even close), then considering the price difference, what else matters? Maybe the Fractal sounds better to some for what they do... but to you, even if you did like the Fractal slightly better, ask yourself if it SOUNDS $1000 (or whatever it’s price) “better”.
There are some things in our business, gear wise, that sound as if they should have a higher price tag. Some things that are sonically worth what they command. But that’s certainly not always the case, not even with “classic” gear.
Would I love an original 1960’s era AKG C12? Or an ELAM 251? Absolutely. Sure I would.
Do I think they are worth the 35 THOUSAND dollars that I’ve seen them being sold for??
No way. Not in this lifetime, not in ANY lifetime. Lol.
IMHO of course.

kmetal Fri, 06/08/2018 - 05:53

Makzimia, post: 457608, member: 48344 wrote: I have an Eleven rack and a Pod HD500x sitting around. Love the sound of both of them. Honestly though, since I got my Apollo and some unison capable amp sims for it, those have sat unused. The ENGL in particular is amazing as an emulation on Unison.


Very interesting Tony, I was pretty much ready to order the eleven rack/PT combo next month since it’s reach closeout pricing. I found then eleven to be excellent. As an interface I was thinking the UA arrow would be a good buy for my portable setup. Maybe now I’ll start w the Arrow instead.

Thank you.

Tony Carpenter Fri, 06/08/2018 - 08:53


As always, as Donny loves to say, YMMV. From a recording aspect I think the Apollo overall is just amazing value for money. I’ve spent a lot during specials to bulk out my UA plug-ins. I think I’m up to 47 at last count. I’m sure Chris will attest to the quality of the Unison type plugins. It is all subjective of course, taste and style always count.

My .002