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I use (like everybody) an extra hall for Snare, extra for Toms and extra for the kick. Would you suggest another one for the whole set?
It sounds strange when youcan hear a Hall on the snare, toms, kick and the O.Hs and hi-hat is "dry".
Thanks - Vagelis


KurtFoster Sat, 04/24/2004 - 12:32

I use a plate or room verbs for the drums and other elements in a mix. But I don't use a seperate one for each drum .... so I don't get the meaning of the original post. I like to use a "common" verb for several elements in a mix, especially if they are all related to the rhythm track. This makes everything sound as if it happened in the same "space". Only occasionally will I add verb to the kick or hi hat. Usually spill from the other mics is enough to add some ambiance to these elements..

Kurt Foster


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