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One of my Mackie Mr8s has started playing up. The problem is when I input balanced signals into them (it happens to both the TRS and XLR inputs) they do not have equal volumes. One of the monitors is a lot quieter than the other, Im sure the problem is caused by the speaker because 1. I have tried different cables 2. Ive tried different sources of sound where the signal is coming from and importantly 3. When I connect them both via the unbalanced input (RCA) they have the same volume and sound normal duh

Whats going on? I find it strange that it only happens to the balanced inputs...

Hopefully someone on here knows, I cannot find anything on the internet!



TheJackAttack Tue, 02/14/2012 - 09:37

On the offending monitor, one of the wires has come unsoldered on the panel. You need to take it apart and resolder the broken connection. The connection may in fact not be "broken" off but may be a "cold solder" spot gone bad. The reason unbalanced works is that uses only half the signal in the first place. This should be very easy to fix.