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Has anyone used an MXL 606 small condenser microphone? Is it any good for Micing stringed instruments?

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TheJackAttack Mon, 11/25/2013 - 12:19

It's not high art or anything but it is way better Christmas music than most of the crap that you are going to be hearing in every store for the next six weeks. This year's tour has a six Mannheim musicians and nine locals. "Piano" player is using a Kurzweill in a shell and a synth. The "harpsichord" player has some electronic version of it as well. The bass player is one of the original members and has sever different basses and a real lute. The violin player is on an electric. The drummer has real drums on stage but I think they are triggered samples. The aux percussionist is also the main recorder player and plays about five sizes of recorders. All the local musicians are on Heil PR30 mic's and are 3 violins 2 violas 1 cello 1 hoboe 1 trumpet/picc trump/flugel and 1 horn.