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OK, I've posted the samples of the mics you were asking us about.

Here's some info:

Kick Drum:
Tama 22"
Beater Head: Evans (forget model)
Reso Head: Factory (with non-factory hole)
DW single pedal w/ felt (needs some TLC - it's rather noisy), no falam-slam on head.

Mics: All in same position on low-boy stand with boom, just inside reso head hole, about a 45 degree angle towards beater.

Recorded one at a time via Groove Tubes Vipre preamp, direct into Apogee AD8000 to single track in Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1

All settings the same except fine gain on Vipre (Hi Pass off, Polarity Normal).

Tracks are normalized, no other tweaking done.

The song that's on this page with the samples is one I uploaded a while back, but the kick in it was recorded with the 868, no reso head on the drum, listen and you can see where that mic fits in a mix (not a rock song, though, sorry!).



bent Tue, 11/27/2007 - 16:27


In the words of Eddie Izzard "Well, we didn't expect there'd be such a rush!"

I'll do the B91 / 421 tomorrow, and for the younger crowd: Samples of top / bottom mic with in phase / out of phase comparisons.

Dave: I'll have to look hard and see if I can find an ATM25 - I'll PM you shortly...

Rockstar: The only Audix mics I have are the D1, D2 and OM6.


"You! Cake or death?"