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I just got a new Mesa Boogie Road King Dual Rectifier and Mesa 4x12 Cabinet and am starting tracking. Guitars: 2 PRS Custom 24. I have a SM57 and a 421. They run straight into a Mackie 1202 mixer. The music in the vein of Nickelback, Perfect Circle and other Mesa styled modern music. I need some Micing and tone help. I'm trying to get a good distorted guitar sound mainly using either the 3rd or 4th channel(Channel 2&3 on the dual/trip recs). Is it better to use the Vintage or Modern? Diode or Rctifier? Can any of you Rectifier owners get Major Rock Band Mesa tones?
Also the room is about 20x20 feet wtih some soundproofing. Should cover my amp and mics with a blanket? Also my cabinet is on wheels, so should i put some sound proofin material on the floor right in front of my cabinet?

Any commets?


anonymous Tue, 11/04/2003 - 05:32

Dual Rec's can sound great, but typically it takes a lot of tweaking to get that magical tone - pretty typical of Mesa amps in general. You probably don't need to fret about the rest of the room if you're close mic'ing with a dynamic mic. I would be more concerned with the amp bleeding over on to the drums - make some gobos for good seperation. In terms of positioning, etc. - the proximity to the wall can effect the quantity and clarity of bass you get from the cabinet. If you find it being over-bassy, move the cabinet away from the wall a bit.