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Note: Local pickup in Austin, TX preferred for monitors, but I'll ship too.

FS: Neumann KH120A monitors with Ultimate Support MS80B desktop stands - $1250 shipped, $1200 local pickup

I bought all of these new at the same time from American Musical Supply in November 2013. They have 5.25" drivers. I am floored by these (especially with the Mackie subwoofer I also bought) for recording, mixing, and casual listening! I found myself wanting to listen to music much more often with these. It was a night and day difference between the Equator D5s I was using previously. They also seem to be a lot less directional and it's much easier to stay in their sweet spot so the treble response doesn't lack. They are in mint condition (although the construction of the Ultimate Support stands' foam material gives them a strange almost dirty look, but they work great).

FS: E-MU 0404 USB audio interface, $100 shipped, $90 local pickup

I bought this interface new in April 2013. It was the second one I've owned because I love these things, but I'm short on cash and need to sell this one. They are a steal and one of the best kept secrets of budget audio interfaces. You can find tons of praise for them if you search for some reviews online. It is in excellent condition.

I do not have the original manual or packaging, but the documentation and drivers are available on the Creative Labs website. I am including the original power adapter and a USB cable (both are required, the device is not bus-powered). I use Windows 7 64-bit and can confirm that the beta 64-bit drivers from the Creative website work great.