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Pro Tools LE vs. Logic Express 7

Hey everyone. First time poster here and, to be honest, first time on this site at all. It looks like it will be a big help, though.

Anyway, I am about to get a new computer. I want this computer to mainly be a recording station for me. I am a singer/songwriter, but my main project is the rock band Gummy de Milo (, for those who are interested). So, I basically need a system that can record mostly bedroom demos and occasionally a full band consisting of 1-2 guitars, vox, bass and drums. I'm not that into MIDI and I would like the recordings to sound as natural as possible.

Anyway, I've narrowed my search down to either Pro Tools Le (via Mbox 2) or Logic Express 7 (using a Firebox). Both have their pros and cons, and I'm quite literally split down the middle. Logic seems more all-in-one, whereas I like the idea of being able to sync up my Pro Tools sessions in a bigger studio if needed. So, I'm just looking for some advice. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Pro Audio Guest Wed, 03/15/2006 - 14:23
Since you said you are not that interested in a lot of MIDI stuff, that is your answer. Logic was primarily a MIDI program with audio features added later. Pro Tools was an audio program with MIDI added later. This still shows in the later versions of both software. Also Logic is a big pain in the ass at first to just sit down and record with... Pro Tools makes it easy. And as you said having PT LE will majorly ease your transition if you decide to bring your sessions into bigger studios.

Go Pro Tools - and stay away from the mbox 1 and digi 001!