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Hello, I want to know what I can do to install a power amp or modify it so that it's portable for transport. I'd also like to know how to handle a power amp with care.

The band that i play with don't have much space so we are constantly moving between 3 houses. I recently acquired a power amplifier (Yamaha PD2500) and two "Acoustic Linear Monitors 12" passive speakers.

I wouldn't mind putting it in a suitcase if that's what it takes, but I'd hate to wreck it, so anything I should know about handling a power amp with care?

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This thing is quite old, so i'm extra careful with what i do with it.


KurtFoster Sun, 03/03/2013 - 13:14

you don't have to be that careful. those old yammis are like rocks .. hard to break. if it has has sat unused prior to your getting it, you might think about having it serviced before you put it to use. maybe get the caps replaced ( at least checked for leakage). while the tech is in there you could ask them to beef up the power supply reservoir caps for better headroom.

put it in a rack case for transport. you need to decide if you want the extra protection of a wood rack (typically covered with a rat fur like carpet) or you want the light weight and less protection of a molded rack like an SKB or Gator ... . another option is a shock mounted plastic rack. to tell the truth i have never seen a plastic rack that was damaged other than the latches used to secure the lids.

if you look around you might find a used rack on CraigsList on the cheap. be sure to get a rack with an extra space or two for ventilation.

anonymous Mon, 03/04/2013 - 05:40

... and make sure it gets sufficient ventilation.

You're less likely to damage that puppy by moving it around - (as long as you're fairly careful... don't go throwing it into the back of the car or van), than you are putting it in a rack where it can't get sufficient ventilation to keep itself within an optimal range of heat.

If you are putting it in a rack, don't choose a rack that fits the amp exactly height - wise. Give it sufficient space on the top and bottom of the amp so it can vent... and choose a rack that has an open back, not one that is closed, or else the heat build up will have nowhere to go.

Oh...And if you are putting it in a rack with other gear, don't stack that other gear directly on top of or below it, unit to unit. Put a few spaces in between the various pieces of gear and the amp.


aznricey Wed, 03/06/2013 - 20:44

wow thanks for all the useful information! So if I was really cheap eough ( I paid for this thing myself for the whole band... so..) i can put it in a suit case and haul it between practice space. While using it, I can rest it on a storage bin or something( has proper space for ventilation). I hope that sounds about right? hehe