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$50 amp sI'm plugin as good as $1500 rack unit?

Am I deaf or? This was excellent demonstration imho. I can’t believe how similar the Fractal Axe Effect rack unit, sounds to the amp sI'm plugs. I grabbed the TH3 amp sI'm based on this demo, and it’s $50 special sale price. This is the second plugin I have from overloud, a company I discovered via a free api eq they were giving away.

Tube Guitar Amp for Home Practice and Recording


1.Im looking into buying a tube amp for home practice and maybe some recording in my apartment.
Many new amps comes with speaker emulated output for recording purpose.
So when using this output will the amp speaker itself be silenced? (So that i can crank up the volume, for recording purpose, without waking the neighbours)

Using a power amp/mixer as just a power amp for a mixing console?

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I couldn't find a better one. I was hoping someone could clarify some questions I have about setting up a PA system for my home studio. I recently acquired a Peavey XM6 amplifier/mixer and we've been running it through an 80 watt Behringer wedge. We have a set of Yamaha PA speakers that are on their way this week.

Stage PA Amp 101 question

I have a stereo amplifier. It's a really powerful Ashly that is nice sounding. (Not really important to this topic). Being that it has two channels, can I run a mono mix to front of house (two speakers only @ 8 ohms) on one side of the amp. .And run stage monitors on the other channel ? I have a sneaky suspicion its ok as long as my ohm load is equal on both channels. Or, am I wrong.