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Im looking to upgrade my daw from the Tascam us-428 i have now. I was almost set on purchasing the aardvark Q10 but then i started looking at other things like digital mixers. I know with the Q10 you could record 8 tracks at once which each show up in Cubase as 8 different tracks. Now with the Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer would the same thing occur?(each track being recording at once but each having their own track in cubase) Also, how would the mixer connect to the computer? Would I be better off with the Q10 and then using the US-428 just as a control surface? Or, will the digital mixer do that?

Thanks, Jeremy


pandamonkey Thu, 07/17/2003 - 16:36

Generally speaking mixers and sound cards are different. I say generally because there are more products on the market these days that interface with a computer yet offer mixing capabilities. (Digi 002, for example, doubles as both and can actually be used as a stand alone mixer) Lots of audio interfaces now act as controllers as well, like your Tascam. I have a Yamaha 01V digital mixer but I still need a sound card to interface the mixer to the computer, whether it be analog or digital audio streams. Yamaha is coming out with a digital mixer that connects to a computer via an MLan cable. I think that you would need an MLan card plugged into your mother board. You might want to check out the whole MLan thing on Yamaha's site because it's been in development for a while and may vary well play a big part in all of our worlds sooner or later.

KurtFoster Thu, 07/17/2003 - 18:07

You will need a 16 channel in out adat or TDIF sound card for your computer to accomodate the Behringer. Also add another $180 to the cost of the Behringer for the audio interface card for the mixer. The Aardvark comes with a soundcard has excelent clocking and includes 8 mic line/ di/ pre amps and a basic audio software package (cool edit pro I think).