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FATSO And Its Compressors!

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I currently use an RNC and Cranesong Hedd for tracking my keyboards and Vocals into my DAW. I like the tube and tape emulations on the HEDD for both tracking and mixing. I was wondering if the compressors on the FATSO were pretty useable for tracking and the 2-bus. I'm not too sure is getting a FATSO would be redundant since I have way to warm and fatten things up with the Hedd. The RNC is my only harware compressor and I've been looking for another one to add. So I guess my question is could I get enough out of the compressor in the FATSO or should I look elsewhere? Thanks in advance!


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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 02/19/2002 - 08:50
I wouldn't buy the FATSO just for the comps, if that's what you're asking. They are certainly usable, and were all I had for a while, but since they are a fixed attack and release, you might find them somewhat limiting too. You also can't bypass the harmonic distortion generator and use it as only a comp.

If you're getting all the harmonic distortion you need out of the HEDD, then you might want to get a more flexible comp. But if you want all the other goodies the FATSO has, then buy it for that, and the comps will be bonus.

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21 years 2 months

Guest Tue, 02/19/2002 - 13:59
"but since they are a fixed attack and release, you might find them somewhat limiting too"

Limiting! (hehehe)

Yarz! :)

I belive there is a lot more to the world of compression on the Fatso if you take the time to expirement with sidechain feeds...

I haven't been to that world yet, but from the designers description at the NYC AES last Dec.. it's a nice place!

One day, (sigh!) I may go there..