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Hi, my name is Robert. I'm very interested in getting into the music industry. I want to learn how to make my own beats, produce, and everything else related. I'm considering going to SAE but I'm questioning whether or not this is a could idea. Im sure you learn a lot of great stuff but would it be wiser to just start by interning at a studio and submerging myself into the whole business instead. This could save me time and money. Please share any related stories and advice.


JohnTodd Fri, 01/21/2011 - 05:48

Skip the school...get the school books* and dig yourself. School in this industry is often a waste - you really can teach yourself most of this. It's different in other disciplines, say, quantum physics, but in this industry it just needs to "sound great" and "sell".

Work for free in studios and for live concerts. Meet people. Be humble. Be nice to everyone. Always carry a trace of a smile on your face. Call the older folks "Sir" and "Ma'am" unless they object. Say "Please" and "Thank You". Make everyone around you as comfortable as possible. Be easy to work with. Have infinite patience. Learn to play and sing so you can appreciate the artist. Demand little; give much.

Learn about business in general. Learn basic accounting. Learn management skills. Learn promotions and marketing. There are countless books on general business, many of them free.

Lots of people think they know, most don't. And most don't have social skills.

With a combination of mastery of the knowledge in your field, and excellent social skills, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Read, read, read! Practice, practice, practice!

Sacrifice! Esp. if you are young. You don't need a car payment - pay cash or take a very short note on a used car that works. Don't buy a house yet, etc. Stay out of debt. Remember this formula: B+R+E+T. Beans + Rice + Eggs + Toast. Cheap, tasty, nutritious. Forget about steak for a while.

Student loans have to be paid back even if you can't find work in your industry!

*Amazon has a whole section devoted to used textbooks.