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Hello every one, i am new here because i was searching for people who are intrested in recording or dslr filming and audio to.

I am now busy with finding the levels between my dslr camera (nikon d5100) and the Zoom R8.

The problem where i walk against is that when i record with my mic the R8 is recording great and i dont have any aditional noises.
But when i connect the R8 to my camera then i get a aditional echo and/or a electro/distortion sound.

The only thing i can think of is that the output of the R8 is balanced and the input of the d5100 is unbalanced. I used a cable that goes from 2 mono jack's to 1 mini stereo jack.


When i use the sampler from the R8, i dont have that echo or metalic sound.

What is the solution of this problem ?
Because i hear it many times on youtube movies to from people with home recordings.

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