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kick miking

I just bought an Audix D6 and it sounds really good in live applications but in the studio it really isn't very versatile. Does anyone have an opinion on the Audix D4 for a more natural sound. I like the Audix mics a lot because the design and the small size of it makes it easier to get the mic into the bass drum at whatever depth you want. does anyone have any tips on anything.


moonbaby Tue, 03/06/2007 - 06:49

What do you mean by "versatile"? As a kick mic? Or as a mic that you can use on other sources?
If it's the latter, no, those mics are designed for...kick drum. if you need to be able to mic-up other low-end sources (bass amps, brass/saxes,etc), you might look at something like a Sennheiser 421, an AT ATM25, a Beyer M99, or a E-V RE-20...they all work great on kick, too.



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