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new computer vs old... opinions appreciated..

Hi everyone,
I currently have a desktop system and have been entertaining the idea of getting rid of it and buying a new laptop. My question is, how much more powerful would the laptop be, or would it?
Do you think I'd have comparable DAW performance?

My current desktop has
an Athlon XP2500+, Abit nf-7 motherboard, with 1 gig of PC3200 and 2 Maxtor 8MB cache IDE HD

The laptop I'm thinking of getting would have either an Intel core duo, or an AMD Turion 64 X2 (which is better, I'm not sure). It would also have 2gigs of RAM, 120GB HD (plus a dedicated firewire audio HD)

What do you guys think?
Right now my current system does work very well and fast.. but I wouldn't mind having just a small computer that I can also put away and out of sight when I want.

ps. I am also going to buy an Onyx 400F to use on either setup.

Thank you guys!