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New monitors choice ProAc, B&W, Hot House

Dear forum usres,

I plan to change my monitors in few months, and I would need your advices or your experiences about some models that seem great for the work I do.

I'm a recording and mixing engineer, and I mainly work on classical music and jazz.
I'm looking for monitors with relative flat response, good dynamic.
I don't need to have the same accuracy taht for a mastering work, and my room is quite small. So I'm interested in bookshelf type monitors.

I selected some models that seem great for this. I already know one of them (ProAc Studio 100).

- ProAc Studio 100
- Bowers & Wilkins 805 S
- Hot House Pro PRM165 (
- any suggestion ?

And what models of poweramps would you advise me to feed these monitors?

I precise that my budget is not enormous, about $2500 or less for monitors.

Thanks for all your advices.




Cucco Wed, 05/03/2006 - 14:41
I'm familiar with both the B&Ws and the ProAcs but not the hot house. Sorry.

In either case, out of the B&W and the ProAcs, you're going to get a very fine speaker. My personal preference out of the two would be the B&W though. I find them very easy to listen to for extended periods of time - far more than most any other speaker out there.

For absolute accuracy, you might want to check out paradigm studio 20's. They are absolutely breath taking!

Of course, I must also put in a plug for the Dynaudio BM15s. If set up correctly with adequate space, these monitors are quite nice.