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Recording contracts, a good source of in Canada, Anyone?

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Hey everybody,
I am interested in putting together a small label for some of the acts that I record/play with. I am looking for either "standard" blank contracts or an entertainment savvy lawyer who doesn't charge by the limb. I am looking for recording contracts, personal services contracts, and publishing agreements, for starters, plus somebody who can guide me a little. I realize that there is no standard contract, and I also have a good idea of how I want to structure the agreements. Anybody? Doc


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 06/21/2003 - 05:03
Hey Doc,
I read your post, typed" recording contract templates" in Google and got all sorts of links

this 1st link has all the contracts you could want from 20 bucks to 129 bucks

anyway, the search seemed to generate quite a few, i put down 2 to get you started, hope you find what you need .