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Shure beta 58a vs. other stuff, really important question.

Hello, I'm Damien and I have a life matter question. Right now I'm
in the middle of recording my band's first album. We are from totally
different country, but we decided to commit our lives to the music and
start to live in London. For about five months it will happen, so as you
can see, this album is really important for us.
The music recording is over, so right now I just have to do some
good vocal job. I tried exactly every mic the studio offers, and I'm not
pleased as much as I want to be. After few microphones (I think they were
all better for female voices), I finally decided to use Shure Beta 58A.
And that's where the problem starts. It's very good microphone, and is
definitely best of all I tried, but there's always a question - can I sound
better just by using another, non-dynamic, microphone
? I think I can. But
can I afford it? So right now I need a help. I know pretty well how to record
(I mean in a program way, cubase, cooledit etc.), I also have a good pop killer.
I think FYI it's also important, that I have notebook, not regular PC, so
I don't have any good sound card
. Does it matter? Let's move to the question.
For this studio I'll spend at least 1000$ more. If you could tell me
just what should I do? I have my own garage, which is 'muffled by the sponges'
(have no idea is it right :D), I have recording experience. I don't have a mic,
mixer, and whatever I need to record on the laptop. Can I buy all of it for about
1000$? And also, can I have better sound than this short piece of music, which
links are below
And maybe for the end I'll say what I always wanted to hear after singing.
It's deepness, and power. I have few songs where I sing deeply, and also few songs
where I sing very high (by high I mean Iron Maiden high), microphones that studio
offers are good only for high tones, so when I sing deeply they sound a little bit
flat. It's like they can't 'catch' my deepness. So if I could spend around 1000$,
record myself, and be happy about sound more than this studio's Shure beta 58a offers,
I would be freaking exhilarated.
Last, but not least, there is also an option to buy exactly the same setup -
Shure beta 58a + mixer + what you say
. If it would cost me the same amount as recording in studio
it would be smarter to buy this and record on my own. The thing that I don't know is
what kind of difference mixer serves. Does it really count in the sound quality?
And I wonder how can I connect mixer with laptop? I guess it isn't USB, so probably I'll
have to buy something else. Some kind of sound card? Just gimme some hand, I wait for
any kind of help, it's very important for me.
And guys, what do you think about Shure PG42USB? I know many people
don't like USB mics for studio, but I used to record some vocals on Samson G-Track,
and it wasn't bad. It's also good alternative I guess, if I only could know
the quality of vocals.

P.S. Sorry for this long post, but my english isn't perfect and it's hard to
express everything I wanted to say. I hope you'll be able to help me. :- )

LINKS (they are the same, but I want to be sure it works for all):