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Singing with balls

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I read a post on R.A.P.
I'd like to see this topic and possible a singing forum grow on RO so I snipt his question and added my opinion.

Ok, so I realize that this isn't a vocalist newsgroup, however, there doesn't seem to be one besides those geared towards opera singers, so I'll ask here since someone out there might have had some experience with this.

For a while now I've been trying to get a vocal sound out of my throat with some balls to it- loud and kind of a cross between speaking and singing (MAchines of loving grace, pig, KMFDM/MDFMK, NIN, I'm sure you know what I mean)- farily common fare for music nowadays. It's my understanding that it's pretty simple, however, my voice seems to keep slipping into a broadway-ish style. Any ideas on how to achieve more of what I'm looking for?


Well my parents were opera singers, did the broadway stuff too. I listened to them from the time of the womb lol! and I learned something that if feel is worth sharing here.

First off I went into rock and roll, the complete opposite but really because it was the sound of the times. I loved it because it sounded like the way we talk and feel.

"Sing it like you say it" Thats the bottom line. I don't mean like rap but be natural. IMHO singing, the words should be like we're speaking but we hold out notes to give it more attitude, pain, joy, anger etc. called singing then add music/melody that becomes a song.

When I hear a song that sticks allot of times the melody (popular music speaking) is very close to how you say it but with some rhythm. That's why I think we remember it and why I like it. We all in our own unique way have our own key, speak and sound a certain way and sound best when we are allowed be natural. If you tape yourself talking, listen to it and then try and sing it. Add rhythm to it and you may find a song is born! Stay natural and you will get the sound that's yours and "you will sound great!

How you talk is a good starting point.


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Pro Audio Guest Fri, 08/31/2001 - 22:55
Hi audiokid!! Hi Chris!!
audiokid, I can understand what you're saying...I find very useful to take a first, huge step. Listening and imitating your favourite singers. I've been listening and singing along the songs of my "style teachers" since I was a little girl, and It's still part of my practicing routine. At first, maby you still sound broadway ish, but here's a place were you can compare, and incorporate gradually what you need to sound the way you want. As singers, we have to remember that we have an internal, organic instrument, wich can be a big problem, but also a big, plastic tool, with wich you can play and create whatever you want!
Of course, you need to complement this with a strong vocal technique, with I recomend to take from a good teacher, not yourself alone with a book.
Chris, I agree with you when you recommend experimenting with talking, i think it's not only a way of earning expression, but also (if well pitched), an exellent technique resource for keeping your vocal chords prepared to sing, without having to take a big, dangerous jump, from talking to singing. This helps avoiding chord damage.
It would be great to have a Singers or Vocal Forum, if this is possible!!!

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Pro Audio Guest Sat, 09/01/2001 - 03:36
Heya Chris, nice topic!

I'd like to toss in 2 cents about monitoring.

Getting that disturbing reverbless this-guy-is-talking-right-into-my-ear trick is harmless fun done as an overdub in a studio but it's harder to achieve in a really LOUD, live situation.

The way you sing is strongly affected by the way you monitor. "Going Broadway" might just be an unfortunate consequence of this singer's monitoring in a live environment - maybe belting it out is the only way he can hear himself?

I'm just saying before you schedule throat surgery or whip yourself too hard you should try to make sure you can hear yourself well. Buy a beer for the soundman and he might even give you more monitor... :D