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Hi I could use some opinionson the following issue,

I just bought a set of hr824's (hurray!) and due to a sudden lessening in purchasing power I am forced to consider cheap solutions for buying stands for them.

I can get a pair of quik lok bs 300 stands for less then a half of it's normal price.

Thing is, the shelfs of the stands are 9" - 23cm Square, and the mackies are 10,5" to 10" - 25,5 cm-27 cm .

so the speakers extend (/go over. i'm not english. ) over the shelfs.

Do you think this would be a problem?

would they 'tremble' off or stand too 'wobbly' on the stands?

I don't want to jeapordise the Mackies in any way, I've been saving for years for these babies. .

Anyway, in advance, thanks for the reply... (replies...!;-)

p.s. some nice suggestions for stands-brands other than quik lok & ultimate support ?