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strange playback problem

hi, I've recently bought a new pc (Supermicro H8DCE mobo, two AMD 265 dual opteron,) and I had
a strange problem. Even with a simple program (winamp) the system starts playback at more speed
at certain time. Do you know what can cause the problem? I use a Fireface 800 on a Texas Intruments
PCI express fireware card. Thanks all in advance.


hueseph Fri, 07/14/2006 - 15:21
If you continually monitor through the fireface, that is, you don't use the onboard sound card whatsoever, likely the problem would be due to a high samplerate. MP3s and wave files generally playback at 44.1kHz unless you recorded them at a higher samplerate. So if you have your fireface set to record/playback at 48kHz and you play a 44.1kHz file, the song will be played noticeably faster than normal.

That would be my guess anyway.

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 07/14/2006 - 18:16
thanks for your reply. I´ve set the Fireface as master at 44,1 sample rate too and this is not the problem. The strange thing for me is that this happens at certain time, a few minutes later than start playback, and with all software, nuendo, windows media, winamp, premiere etc... I´ve disabled the mainboard soundchip also.?????