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This is quite hard for me to put into words because I'm pretty much a noob in the Fireface Mixer.

I'm trying to use one of my output channels on the Fireface 800 to reamp my guitar DI's.
And I want to use a mono out on the Fireface to the reamp box.

The problem is that i want to send my signal directly from Cubase into output 3-8 but when I select any other output than the stereo (1+2) out it doesn't appear in the playback segment in the Fireface Mixer.

I can however get channel outs 1+2 to work and I can route them to any output.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong so please someone point it out if I am.


TheJackAttack Fri, 12/10/2010 - 10:32

Lay it out for me Barney style. Guitar gozinta what channel of the fireface. Monitors gozouta 1&2 stereo yes? What channel do you want the Cubase guitar track to go out?

You are wanting to take your guitar track from Cubase and gozouta (pick one) 3-8 line out. Then you have to come back into the FF800 again. So, within Cubase somewhere you need to assign the OUTPUT (gozouta) of your guitar track to the hardware mono send (pick one) 3-8. If this step isn't taken first, then no audio will gozouta Cubase to gozinta the FF800. Once your Cubase guitar output is assigned, you run that cable to your reamp box. Then you take the ouput (gozouta) from the reamp box and run it back into your FF800 line in/preamp whatever. Within Cubase you now need to make sure you have a new track with the assigned input of the reamp box. Arm for recording.

It's not as complicated as I just typed. You just have to remember that digital is exactly like analog in that audio goes in (gozinta) and goes out (gozouta). Sometimes there are switches or cables that come into play but it's still a linear process.

TheJackAttack Fri, 12/10/2010 - 15:29

The FF isn't a VST. The settings will be a combination of the Cubase ASIO setup and the Firefox GUI. When you are playing back and you have the Firefox TotalMix open, do you have VU meters going on your intended output? This will be the middle row of TotalMix. If nothing is going and the fader on that channel is up, then you are not coming out of Cubase yet. I do not own Cubase although maybe there is a trial I can find to check it out.

Jeemy Fri, 12/10/2010 - 15:37

I select one of the channel already mapped... but nothing happens, it just stops playing the Analog 1+2.

Well that does indicate its been remapped. When you click on the output and set it to FF800 - Output 3 or however you have it named, the mapping starts. If it went silent, you've sent it *somewhere*. But where?

Flip to Totalmix and you should see in the second row, the 3rd line in should show a VU meter bouncing up and down. This is what I think you are terming the 'playback' section - and its this that is causing the problem? It doesn't appear?

Obviously if it did, you would then connect that AN3 out to your re-amper, connect that back to IN3, and then put the volume slider up to send the signal.


- is it possible you are using some kind of dated driver or non-RME driver and only getting a stereo output?
- do you actually have your outputs mapped in VST connections to later inputs such as ADAT3 instead of AN3 or something?

TheJackAttack Fri, 12/10/2010 - 18:03

Here is an example of Tracktion3.

I do not currently have PT7 or Samplitude loaded but you get the idea from these three DAWs. There is the DAW routing as well as the TotalMix routing (ASIO). It would appear your ASIO routing (Cubase VST Audio) is correct and now you just have to find the routing feature from the Cubase mixer window.

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soapfloats Fri, 12/10/2010 - 21:30

The issue you're having is w/ the digital routing from Cubase jiving w/ the Fireface.
You should see the meter jumping on the guitar track on the left side of the mixer (recorded/midi tracks), and on Mono Out 3 (let's assume you chose 3) in the right side of the mixer (outputs).
If this is the case, it SHOULD also show in the FF800 in the middle row on playback channel 3.
If not, there is something else you need to do in Cubase to tell it that "Mono Out 3" goes to FF800 playback 3.

I've had similar issues myself, but here is an easy workaround:

Solo the Guitar track in Cubase, and pan it centered (I assume it's mono).
Then use whatever analog out on the FF800 you want (stereo or not).
Since the only thing being sent for playback is the guitar, and it is centered, it will send equally to both AN 1+2, AN3+4, whatever.
I've used this method both to reamp a guitar and send a stereo drum track to speakers in a room for a room/ambient mic I couldn't include in tracking.

I've never properly routed anything more than the stereo out playback from my software through the analog outs of the FF800, so I can't answer the digital side of it right now. If I get a chance tomorrow evening (and it hasn't been answered), I'll play w/ my setup and see what I discover.