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Traveler w/ External USB Drive?

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Hi all,

I'm still waiting for all the equipment to arrive, but a question in the meantime if I may: Will it work to record onto my Lacie external USB 2.0 HD from my Macbook using the Motu Traveler and Logic?

I'm under the impression (possibly misguided) that what usually is done is to plug a Firewire drive into the Traveler. Since I already have the Lacie USB, I hope I can use that plugged into the Mac instead.

Seems simple enough to me, but this is my first experience in the world of Apple. Thanks!


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21 years

Member Mon, 05/26/2008 - 16:33
Any ideas anyone? I've tried the google search...

The reason I'm asking is because if I have to buy an external Firewire drive I will, but I'll have to order it in from afar, and this will likely delay the beginnings of my next recording endeavor which I am anxiously awaiting.

Thanks again!

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Member Mon, 05/26/2008 - 18:42
Thanks Space! It will only be one track at a time for my own stuff anyway. I guess I'll get a firewire drive (in a couple months) for recording others just for peace of mind. I got a bit worried there as I know you dislike USB for interfaces, but I wasn't sure about hard drives. The problem is that USB doesn't transmit multiple streams of information as well?

Anyhow I will give this a try. Thank you.

I appreciate the help.