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Looking to put together a decent little home studio...

I have about $2,000 to spend on my interface / preamp, just unsure on what would be more beneficial... a UA LA610 Preamp / Compressor combo with a lower end interface (Firestudio Tube) or the new UA Apollo interface (which seems to have pretty good preamps anyways)?

In previous studios, I absolutely loved the sound we got from the UA LA610 preamp compressor combo, but we were also working with an Apogeeensemble interface and nice gear all around. This time I only have about $2000 to work with, so I can't really have both here. The PreSonus tube would be my low end choice. And I was also looking at the Echo Audiofire pre8. The new UA Apollo interface looks really sick, but I'm unsure.

I'm more interested in the preamp from the LA610 than the compressor (that's just a bonus). With the exception of drums, I will only be recording one channel at a time.

What do you guys suggest?

Thanks in advance (I really do appreciate your help)
- Josh


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