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Well, my system is now 90% midi, just tracks for an acoustic guitar, some vocals, Sax solo..thats all. Now my midi friends, let's share some of the technique that we use to beef up our sampled sounds in a mix. We don't have acoustic problems to deal with, but sometimes some samples can sound a little bland. I'll share 1 of the things that I do.
Strings, I like a flowing string swell, that is the widest thing in my mix, I take a mono track of the strings, and pan hard left, I take a direct out feed to a delay, and back in on another channel hard right. Depending on the music, the delay can range from 150ms to 300ms. I then feed from the original track a touch of hall verb, which is returned stereo in the usual fashion, on the delay track, I pump the send to max, into the same verb, but then reduce the fader down considerably. This is super wet. When the swell begins out of the left, the direct verb starts the aural cues, after the delay, the sound swells to intensity surrounding the listener with a bath of delicious timbre. Try it You will like it. You all have anything to share?