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Recording MIDI keyboard with/without Audio Interface?


Been wondering whats the best way to plug everything:

  • MAudio Code 49 - midi controller
  • Steinberg UR22 MKii - audo interface
  • FL Studio 12
  • Windows 10

So I had MIDI keyboard before I had an Audio interface. That got succesfully plugged in to an USB port in my laptop. Didnt go through Preset Editor (but will do), everything kind of worked, tried to record - worked too.

Now I got myself an USB audio interface which supports MIDI IN/OUT.
What would be my best option for connecting it all together?
  • Option 1:
(MIDI controller --> USB port on laptop) + (Audio interface --> USB port on laptop) = 2 USB ports taken
  • Option 2:
(MIDI controller --> MIDI IN/OUT on Audio Interface) + (Audio interface --> USB on laptop)
In this case I`m not sure how to connect all those MIDI cables (and how many of them do I need?)

What have you tried? What works better? What are the PROS and CONS of each option? Will appreciate all the info you can provide!