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Using a guitar/bass amp head to record

I'm wondering if using a guitar or bass amp head would make a big difference when recording to my audio interface instead of plugging straight in. Plugging straight in sounds completely whack.


Big K Wed, 04/27/2011 - 07:38
Recording through a head needs excellent amps, but I have encountered DIs even of renowned brands which had the worst DI sound. Over the years, bass players and myself more often agreed on direct recording into the HiZ of the converter. For bass it is all there what you need in the mix and there is no humm or other noise from the amp or cabinet.
With guitars it is somewhat different. Guitar players often need to interact with the amp/cabinet and want their special sound. For a standart rhythm guitar with no special signature needed recording into the box is ok, as well. For better DI sound have a look at the many DI units out there. Some are actually worth the small fortune they cost.


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