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Yamaha ls9 + 4 x digimax fs... wordclock needed?

i'm looking over the equipment list soon to be installed in a local concert hall i'm associated with... it struck me as strange that the contractor had spec'd out 4 http://www.PreSonus… to a Yamaha ls9 digital mixer over ADAT... do i need to be worried about the lack of a master clock?



Boswell Wed, 04/02/2008 - 03:13

ADAT syncing will work, but this is a case for distributed wordclock. Take the wordclock out of the LS9 and daisy-chain it using 75 Ohm cable and T-pieces to each of the DigiMax FS units. Have the 75 Ohm termination switch pushed in on the last FS unit in the daisy-chain and out on the others. Easy.