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Any critique on this mix would be hugely appreciated; in particular bass and drums

Mixing bass through headphones is hard, imo. I watched a youtube video recently that said it should generally sit at the level of the drum kick providing a kind of 'tail' from the initial kick drum 'thud'.

I'm not sure if I've managed to..?


More Chinese mics - Two winners and an average one


I've been going through the mics that arrived while I was away, and one mic, I don't think people will like, but a couple that are quite cheap and very good!

I'm working on another video warning people that sometimes mics from China can be simply awful, and how price means little sometimes. I'll have that one done in a day or two, spare work time permitting.

Fake social media content coming on big time.

This is where our fake world is headed. By 2030 90% of social media content will be created by fake users. the other 10% might be a real person.  I suspect it won't take that long either.

This link (amongst many others I get) was just sent to me: https://www.jasper… This link was particularly interesting which is about to put me over the deep end.

How to add thrash metal vocal effects?


How do I add reverb and delay OMG. I can't add anything to my vocals via vst because then it sucks.. so I plug in my two vocal pedals while recording 1 reverb and 1 doubler and if I do this then I can't use the compressor or eq because the effects are already there.. WHAT CAN I DO OMG how u add a delay which sits!!!!!  how do you add reverb? 

2. question:


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