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Pearl 8-CK


Hello,  I have found a vintage Pearl 8-CK (incl. power supply) when cleaning up an old house.  Can somebody please help me in determining the value of this nice device ?    I'm also thinking of selling it.   Can somebody also inform me on where to sell this best ? 

Zoom F2 + Sony ECM-322BMP Headworn Mic = No Audio


I have used both the supplied lav mic and Røde GO lav mics with the Zoom F2, but I get no audio using the Sony ECM-322BMP.

The Sony ECM-322BMP has a 3.5mm TRS, so similar to the lav mics, even with a locking connector similar to the supplied mic.

I wonder if it is a pinout issue, so the Tip-Ring-Sleeve is different on the Sony vs Zoom/Røde?

AKG C3000 - A forgotten about mic?


I got asked to compare a C3000 with a C414, and I dug mine out and put it next to a C414 - I've no idea why this mic, which is often available quite cheaply, isn't more popular. Easy to say once I'd done the test, but the one I have rarely gets an outing. I've even found another on sale second hand for silly money, so I've ordered it to make a pair!

A suggestion for all those who want to become anchors


I have done a period of live, then there is something has been bothering me, is the live process of radio problems, my microphone is a very good brand, and bought not to six months, until later I changed a line, yes a microphone line, my live sound immediately rose several steps, and now I recommend it to you:

Ribbon Microphone for Classical Soprano


I’m interested in potentially getting a ribbon microphone for mostly just hobby recording in my home. I’ve been having a terrible time finding examples and information on recording classical vocals on a ribbon microphone, however, the one example I did find sounded quite beautiful. The singer was recording using an AEA R84, however, it’s a bit out of my price range.

Recording flutes played live


I did this video - about how you could clip a mic to a flute. Handy if you need to do a live recording where for either the PA or just for separation, you need to get a mic close in and keep it the same distance from the instrument. Difficult to do with a mic one a boom, as the players never stand still. I used the Shure SM7B as sa comparison and then mounted a cheap lav mic in a small clamp.