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Pro Tools multitrack live recording beep on listening

I am kinda new to Pro Tools. Trying to live record a multitrack of a band. I can also listen to the output (on my headphones), but sometimes I hear a weird high pitch noise for a second. Wondering what that could be. I use dante from our digital mixer, routing it and all seems to be fine. But that weird noise is strange.


Record from Stagepas 500 to GNX4 Question

I would like to record from my Yamaha Stagepass 500 to my GNX4 8 track recorder. I have made many recordings on the GNX4; however I have been unsuccessful trying to record from the Stagepas’ monitor out jacks to the line in inputs on the GNX4. I would appreciate any suggestions/solutions that would help. I thank you in advance for your help!

Integration of Ferrofish Pulse 16 to Patchbay

Hi, I'm Jonathan. I've been reading through the many posts regarding patchbay's, however I've not found the answer's I think I need.

I'm wanting to integrate a Ferrofish Pulse 16 AD/DA converter to a new patchbay in my rack pictured above. The interface I'm using is the USB Digiface.

SpectraLayers - new versions of old songs

I thought some might find this interesting. I've been using SpectraLayers for a while now, and I thought it might be fun to see if you could strip out the vocals from well known songs, and then do a totally new version of the song, and put back the original vocal. I can't stick this on youtube for obvious reasons, so it's sitting on my server at the moment.

Hard disc recorder that works with old mackie analog board

I have a 1995 Mackie 24.8  8 bus mixer, I'm tired of my DA88 tapes being chewed up and paying Tascam over $300 for repair, so can anyone recommend a 24 track hard disc recorder that will interact with the old Mackie board and hookup to it?  Someone mentioned the Alesis hd24 BUT a mix review on that said" the HD24 does not allow multiple track takes"  what does that really mean?