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Audio card INPUTS : Which is better? 1/4" TRS and TS or SPDIF (coax digital)

Which do you think is better for audio card INPUTS (not outputs):

1/4" TRS and TS
SPDIF (coax digital)

1. The balanced input jack on the audio card is rated at being 104 to around 107 dBA SNR.

2. We all know the SPDIF input is basically digital 1's and 0's.

Dual 1/4 Inch jack speakers - connections advice

Hi shameless quest for advice here - if anyone has 2 cents they can donate it would be very much appreciated.

Got hold of two weighty PA looking speakers with dual 1/4 inch jacks and no knowledge of their spec or their past and my limited knowledge is at a loss for the best way to utilise them... exhibit A attached below (please ignore the amp above it's not working)

Help! Groove Tubes 6TM Power Supply cable Pin out schematic/ ADAT Elco to 1/4" snaKes

I have an old Groove Tubes 6TM mic with the PS1 Vacuum tube power supply. The mic end looks like the Groove Tubes EC7 cable in that it has a 7-pin connector. The power supply end looks like an 9-pin ADAT sync connector almost like a vga computer display connector. I am in need of the pin out configuration so that I can build one or a source to purchase one.

I Just Got A 1/4" Tape Deck. Now What?

This may sound totally noob/stupid, but... I just got an old Sony TC-252 1/4" Reel To Reel. And I have no idea what to do with it. I mean... I've had -many- tape machines over the years... just not in the past 20 or so. I figured, if nothing else I could make little echo loops with it like when I was 16 or so... or make some nutty distortion with it.