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Amps suddenly stopped working in stereo but still work in bridged.

I've got 4 Accusonic/Show amps (2 x PSA-3900, 2 x PSA-31500), all four of them were working in all modes (stereo, bridged, parallel/mono). The following day I was testing them out and all of a sudden all four amps only work in bridged mode but not stereo mode or parallel/mono mode. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before?

Blown Speaker and/or Amplifier Symptoms?

Does anyone want to list the symptoms of a blown speaker (or malfunctioning amp)? Obviously, distorted crackle may top the list for a speaker, but can they do other things? I have an active FOH speaker that suddenly decided to be much quieter than the other two. It is flown at around 20ft and not very accessible so it wasn't just turned down.

Can an amplifier be used as a preamp and plugged into a mixer?


While I'm fairly comfortable on the playing end of things, I know nothing at all about recording. I was given a BOSS BR-900CD as a gift, and am attempting to make some use of it right now. I also got a Fishman Loudbox Mini (acoustic amplifier) for Christmas, and it has an external speaker jack.

My question: