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analog EQ

Using Phantom Power through a Yamaha Q2031 analog EQ

Hello, I need help figuring out if I can do something or not without breaking anything. I got my nephew an M-Audio AIR 192|4 audio interface that came with a condenser mic that requires phantom power to work. He uses to produce some decent stuff, and I'm getting him a Yamaha Q2031 31 band analog EQ to use with it this year. I know he can use it for the 1/4" guitar input no problem but I'm worried that using the XLR connection for the mic with the phantom power input enabled will hurt the equalizer, audio interface or mic.

Your favourite analog eq for mastering?


I mostly record and mix, but in a small budget projects I sometimes do the mastering also. For now I've been using only plugins for that application, but I'm planning to get outboard eq and maybe a great compressor for mastering purposes.

So, all you masteringmasters, what eq and comp should I get?

FYI, almost all my projects are in rock/pop -genre.

I have Millennia Origin, and I love the eq in that. I could get another one so I'd have a pair... should I?



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