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building a recording studio

New and building a studio, requesting advice.


I finally decided to start building a soundproof studio, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm hoping this forum is a good place to get some insight.

I'm an average, self-taught musician. I've never done any "serious" recording on my own, but a band I was in self-produced a CD. So I've had minor experience in a recording atmosphere. Mostly in my past, I've only hit the record button on a tape deck and recorded myself.

New Studio Build for Non-Profit Music Education Program

Hi All! Thanks for being here, thanks for having me and thanks for taking a look at this.

I'm working on starting a music education project here in Athens GA and I'm building out a studio for it.
(you can find more details at )

First off I need to say that isolation is not a problem here. Not that there aren't issues, but I can get around them and my neighbors are super cool. Plus the building itself is set way off the road on the end of a dead end street.

Building New Studio Help!

Hello, I am an aspiring audio engineer that has been mixing & recording for about 6 months. I only do Rap/Hiphop, I've been wanting to upgrade my current setup to something better. I currently own a Bluebird spark SL & a cheap $99 M-Audio interface. I want a little more of a professional, cleaner, & overall better sound, So I decided to create a interface chain instead of purchasing an interface alone. To start my chain I've decided to pick the Audio-Technica 4050 Microphone, because of the great reviews especially for rap vocals.

Building new homestudio

Hi all!
I recently moved to a new home and now I am about to build my studio there.
The main task will be mixing metal bands and sometimes recording some overdubs or vocals.

Me and my girlfriend live in the house so noise inside the house should not be a huge problem.
There are only 2 rooms on the upper floor which I can use.
The rooms are 4,23 meters by 4,85 meters and 3,70 meters by 4,23 meters. ceiling is about 2,60 meters.The rooms are connected with a door. both rooms have a concrete flooring with deal boards.

Newbie building small home studio, What Gear do i need?


I'm a complete begginer in recording, iv just bought my self a mac so I'm going to start out on garageband.
i really just want some advice on what recording equipment to buy for a good quality sound for a small home studio for personal use.

the style of music i will be mostly recording will be in anything in the style of ed sheeran to mumford and sons to foo fighters
and my vocal style is a mid to high range voice, although i will be recording a few of my friends singing aswell who may be slightly different.

help building a new high end studio please :)

hey guys, I'm about to start build a new home studio, and I'm willing to get a very professional "high-end" equipments to help me achieve a professional all around commercial material at the end.

my main concerns would be recording/editing via midi using Cubase and Ableton so i need to get the very lowest latency possible with the greatest most pure sounds from an interface(with the most solid reliable drivers), and i have a male vocal with me so i will need to get a top vocal material as well .(ps: we make any genre of music except rap)

Building New Studio, Need Advice!!

ok, i am planning on building a portable recording studio and need some pointers.

first, i am planning on buying a mac notebook exclusively for recording. it has a speed of 2.4 ghz with a core 2 duo processor, 250 gb hard drive and 2 gb of ram. i want to do multi-track recording (probably with Cubase le4 to begin with) but was told there would be latency and would have to get the mac book pro (which is 1000 more.) is this true? if not should i get an external hard drive, more ram, etc?