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Audio Interface, periodic buzzing


I hope this is the right place to ask this question..

so I got a new Motu M2 Interface about a month ago. Since then there are periodic buzzing sounds coming from the Headphone Amps at "random" times. Sometimes it runs 3 hours without a Problem and sometimes the buzzing happens twice in 5 minutes. Turning the Interface off and on again "fixes" the buzzing temporarily.

Microphone Ground Loop Problem


Hi, I have a new microphone and it has a electrical buzzing sound when i try to record using it. It is not the soft buzzing sound that can be removed, after searching up about it i realised that it should be the cause of ground loop. So i decided to buy a ground loop insolator for the problem but it still doesnt help. Does anyone have any experience or any idea to solve this?

90% buzzing 10% Audio-- laptop to headphone amp -- Need help--


The Setup:
I am using a laptop for my DAW/Sound output to my Headphone distribution amp. The laptop output is a headphone output not a line-out output. My Headphone amp has a 1/4 stereo direct input and the laptop has a 1/8 output. I use a 1/8 to 1/8 cable with a 1/8 to 1/4 stereo to stereo adapter.

reducing harshness, buzzing of acoustic guitar

Did a live recording recently of a friend playing acoustic guitar in a club. Was able to get a clean feed off the PA into my ZOOMH4N.

Can anyone suggest some best practices when working with acoustic guitar in Audition or similar DAW?
What compression, equalization should I use?
How can I reduce some of the harshness and 'buzzing' sounds the strings make?