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Audio Interface, periodic buzzing


I hope this is the right place to ask this question..

so I got a new Motu M2 Interface about a month ago. Since then there are periodic buzzing sounds coming from the Headphone Amps at "random" times. Sometimes it runs 3 hours without a Problem and sometimes the buzzing happens twice in 5 minutes. Turning the Interface off and on again "fixes" the buzzing temporarily.

buzzing coming from ToneLab ST

I live in an apartment so Micing an amp isn't really an option. I got myself a Voice Tonelab ST which I really like and with my new Fender Strat I quite like some of the tones I'm getting out of pairing them together. I've been recording straight in to my Firestudio because again amp Micing isn't an option, and I like the tones I'm getting, but I keep noticing a buzzing coming from the Tonelab especially with distorted tones which I notice a bit with my Les Paul but it's especially bad with the Fender because of it's 60 cycle hum I suppose.

90% buzzing 10% Audio-- laptop to headphone amp -- Need help--


The Setup:
I am using a laptop for my DAW/Sound output to my Headphone distribution amp. The laptop output is a headphone output not a line-out output. My Headphone amp has a 1/4 stereo direct input and the laptop has a 1/8 output. I use a 1/8 to 1/8 cable with a 1/8 to 1/4 stereo to stereo adapter.

The Problem:
When the laptop is Plugged into the Headphone Amp I get a massive AC hum. Can hardly hear the music.


Powered Speakers- Buzzing Sound

I have a Mackie mixer (profx12) and I have 4 QSC K12 speakers. I use these at my temple as our sound system. I have the mixer in the sound booth and the speakers outside the sound booth. I am running two XLR cables out of the booth from the mixer to the speakers. I use one XLR cable for two speakers. So I run a XLR cable from the mixer into the first K12 and then use another XLR cable between the output port on the first K12 and the input of the second K12. Now I have two sets like this. So I have very cheap XLR cables that I found on the internet.

reducing harshness, buzzing of acoustic guitar

Did a live recording recently of a friend playing acoustic guitar in a club. Was able to get a clean feed off the PA into my ZOOMH4N.

Can anyone suggest some best practices when working with acoustic guitar in Audition or similar DAW?
What compression, equalization should I use?
How can I reduce some of the harshness and 'buzzing' sounds the strings make?

Cant Stop Hissing/Buzzing/Whatever

Ok this is my set up.

Mac Notebook 13.3 inch 2.2GHz 2GB 120GB Core 2 Duo Processor Behringer EURORACK UB1202 12-input, 2-bus mic/line, 4 (IMPs) 3-band EQ.
Logic Pro 9 and Garage band.

No matter if I'm recording or just have my headphones on setting up a channel, there is a constant buzzing or hissing going on. Ive used compressors, limiters, de essers, de-noisers, everything you can think of and nothing seems to be working.

Can someone please help!


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